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Finland Postal Service 2004 Issue
Designed by Ari Lakaniemi, Susanna Rumpu

Gulf of Finland: treasures in wrecks

Finland Postal Service has issued five new 1st class stamps named "Gulf of Finland: treasures in wrecks" on the 9th of September 2004. This is the forth and final part of the Gulf of Finland stamp series. The series started in 2001 depicting the history of the Gulf of Finland and its cultural and scientific background. This stamp issue depicts five different objects from wrecks. The background is a scale model illustration of the St. Nikolai lying on the seabed. Each of the objects depicted on the stamps is as follows:

  • Pottery from the Egelskar (Top Left)
  • Fabric Seal from the Vrouw Maria's (Top Middle)
  • Gold Watch from the St. Mikael (Bottom Left)
  • Powder Keg from the Mulan (Bottom Middle)
  • Figurehead from the St. Nikolai (Right)

"Gulf of Finland: treasures in wrecks" stamps can be purchased as a Mint Booklet, or FDC. The sizes of the stamps are 33.60mm x 27.50mm(4) and 23.80mm x 27.50mm(1) with a perforation of 13 x 14. The size of a stamp sheet is 55mm x 120mm and the size of the open booklet is 216mm x 55mm. The stamps will be printed by Walsall Security Printers, UK using the 5 color Offset + embossing printing process with Satimatt 110g paper. The quantity printed will be 720,000 booklets.

Gulf of Finland: treasures in wrecks FDC

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