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Finland Postal Service 2004 Issue
Design by Leena Airikkala

Linnaea Flower

Finland Postal Service has issued a new stamp that has a postage value of 0,30 Euro named "Linnaea Flower" on the 14th of January 2004. The stamp depicts the delicately beautiful Linnaea flower that grows in Finland and other countries. The Linnaea flower is also know as twinflower and it also has the scientific name of Linnaea borealis. The scientific name was chosen from the famous scientist Swede Carl von Linné who created the binomial system of biological nomenclature. This delicate pink Linnaea flower has spread throughout the boreal forest zone in Finland. It blossoms in June and July. With its long tendrils, Linnaea grows in moss-covered rock hollows and on decaying tree trunks. It has an evergreen fragrant that has inspired poets, writers and jewel makers to immortalized it in their poems, stories and pieces of jewelry. Throughout history the Linnaea flower has help balance relationships between men and women and bring them closer. An extract of the Linnaea flower is believed to help one gain patience and a feeling of contentment.

"Linnaea Flower" stamp can be purchased as a single stamp, Booklet Sheet of 15, or FDC. Each stamp size is 24.5 mm x 24.5 mm and each sheet size is 103.5 mm x 210 mm. The stamps will be printed by De La Rue, UK using the 6/1-color gravure printing process. The printed quantity will be 5,000,000 booklets.

Linnaea Flower FDC

Linnaea Flower Booklet

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