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Finland Postal Service 2003 Issue
Designed by Pirkko Juvonen


The Finland Postal Service has issued a new mini-sheet with six stamps that each have a postage value of O,65 Euro named "Summer" on the 7th of July 2003. The six stamps depict all the beauty of summer in Finland with 20 different flowers, plants, animals and insects. See if you can pick out some of them from the list below:

  • Dandelion
  • Daisy
  • Thistle
  • Cow parsley
  • Red clover
  • Swallowtail Caterpillar
  • Hedgehog
  • Cricket
  • Hawker
  • Brimstone butterfly
  • Bee
  • Ant
  • Grasshopper
  • Goldenrod spider
  • Umber moth
  • Frog
  • Magpie

The "Summer" mini-stamp sheet can be purchased as a single sheet or FDC. The size of each stamp varies from 35.65mm x 45.43mm To 44.35mm x 28.55mm; and the sheet size is 80mm x 120mm with each stamp having a perforation size of 14. De La Rue, UK will print the multicolor mini-sheet using the 5 color offset dpi 650 printing process with Chancellor 102g/m square gummed paper. A quantity of 1,000,000 mini-sheets will be printed.

Summer FDC

Summer FDC Stamp

To order these stamps or to learn more go to Use the Universal currency conversion tool at to convert currency.

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