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Finland Postal Service 2002 Issue
Design by Mika Launis

Lapland Reindeer

Finland Postal Service will issue a new Reindeer stamp on the 9th of October 2002. This new stamp depicts a Lapland Reindeer with a postage value of 1st class (0,60 Euro). The reindeer is native to the high fells of Lapland in Finland. But nowadays, most of the reindeer live year round in the forested regions. In the winter these reindeer dig for lichen through 70-90 centimeters of soft snow. But in the early spring, when the sun gives the snow a hard crust, lichen becomes difficult to dig for. And the reindeer begin their spring migration and start feeding on tree buds. The reindeer antlers also grow very fast. On the average a reindeer antlers can grow as much as 1-2 cm in one summer.
Reindeer-herding is an important source of livelihood in Northern Finland. The total number of reindeer owners in the country is roughly 7,000. The government restricts the reindeer population to 203,700 head. Reindeer meat is a popular food in Finland. It is highly nutritious and a excellent ingredient to many foods. It is low in fat and high in mineral content.

The Finland Lapland Reindeer stamp can be purchase as a mint or canceled stamp, sheets of 10, or FDC. Each stamp size is 24.5 mm x 34.5 mm and each sheet size is 103.5 mm x 210 mm. The stamps are self-adhesive with safety perforation. A total of 5,000,000 will be printed by "The House of Questa", UK. And the Printing process used will be 6/1 rotogravure.

FDC Stamp

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