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Finland Postal Services 2006 Issue
Designs by Katriina Viljamaa-Rissanen

Cute Cats

Finland Postal Service has issued 4 new stamps that have a postage value of 0.65 Euro each named "Cute Cats" on the 4th of May 2006. Cats are a very common pet in many households throughout the world. They are very lovable and can give there owners much joy. Each of the cats depicted on each stamp is as follows:

  • Common Housecat (Top Left) - this type of cat does not meet pedigree standards but comes in just about any shape or size.
  • British Shorthair (Top Right) - was bred in England in the second half of the 19th century. It is a well-balanced and calm cat which gets along well with other pets and children.
  • Ragdoll (Bottom Left) - earned this name because it has a tendency to go limp when picked up and handled.
  • Persian (Bottom Right) - is originally from ancient Persia but spread throughout Europe in the 16 century. It is considered the top breed of cat in Finland. It is a playful cat and well suited to life indoors.

"Cute Cats" can be purchased in a booklet of 4, or FDC. The size of each stamp is 27.16mm x 33mm with a Booklet size of 121mm x 55mm and has safety perforation . The stamps will be printed by Walsall Security using the 5/5 web-offset + CMYK + PMS 1375 Printing process with 130gms self-adhesive paper. A quantity of 350,000 booklets will be printed.

Cute Cats FDC

Cute Cats FDC Stamp

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