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Finland Postal Services 2005 Issue
Design by Katriina Viljamaa-Rissanen

Ponies in a Booklet

Finland Postal Service has issue four new stamps that have a postage value of 1st Class or 0,65 Euro named "Ponies in a booklet" on the 11th of May 2005. The four-stamp booklet features the Icelandic breeds of horses and Ponies. Among the breeds are the Welsh mountain, New Forest, and Shetland. The booklet also features two detachable letter-seals depicting the Finnish horse breed.

Finland Post is issuing the Horses booklet in response to the growing popularity of riding as a hobby. The number of riders in Finland has doubled in less than 10 years to nearly 100,000. Since the 1960's, the horse and Pony population has fell from 400,000 to present day population of about 60,000. About 1/3 of these horses and ponies are used for riding.

"Ponies in a booklet" stamps can be purchased as a booklet of 4, or FDC. The size of each stamp is 27.16mm x 33mm and the size of each booklet is 201mm x 54.32mm. The stamps will be printed by Walsall Security Printing, UK using the 5/5-Color Gravure printing process with self-adhesive 130 gram/meter-square stamp paper.

Ponies in a booklet FDC

Ponies in a booklet, Open Booklet

Ponies in a booklet FDC Stamp

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