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Finland Postal Services 2005 Issue
Designed by Tapani Aartomaa

Hvitträsk: Architecture & Industrial Art

Finland Postal Service has issued six new stamps with postage values of 1st Class (0.65 Euro) & 2nd Class (0.55 Euro) named "Hvitträsk: Architecture & Industrial Art" on the 2nd of March 2005. The stamps are being issued in first class & Second class sets. The three first Class stamps depict the Architecture of Hvitträsk, and the three second class stamps depict the industrial Art in the Hvitträsk. The Hvittäsk is a building in Finland that is considered to be a national masterpiece. Designed by Finnish architects Herman Gesellius, Eliel Saarinen and Armas Lindgren in the late 1800's. It was then built in Kirkkonummi near Helsinki and completed in 1903. It is full of significant details and considered a national romantic building in the Art Nouveau style. The three first class stamps depict the building in winter, interior dining hall, and a wall rug designed by Eliel Saarinen. The three second class stamps depict a door decoration designed by Eliel Saarinen, a copper hatch from a tiled heating stove, and details of a chair. The building is now a museum and can be enjoyed with a guided tour.

"Hvitträsk: Architecture & Industrial Art" can be purchased in sets of 3, Boxes of 1000 coils, or FDC's. The size of each stamp is 36mm x 25mm and the size of each sheet is 60mm x 36mm x 62mm. The stamps will have safety perforation, and will be printed by Joh. Enschede Stamps, Netherlands using the 4 color Gravure (stamps) & 5 color Offset + Lacquer (box) printing processes, with self-adhesive stamp paper 180 grams per meter square (stamps) and 300 grams per meter square (box). A quantity of 32 million first class stamp and a quantity of 8 million second class stamps will be printed.

Hvitträsk: Architecture FDC

Hvitträsk: Industrial Art FDC

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