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Design by Mika Launis

The Finland Postal Service has issued a new stamp pair on the 1st of January 2002. The stamp pair is a new design of the famous Heraldic Lion. The Heraldic lion has been used on Finnish stamps since 1856. It is the symbol used in their coat of arms. This modernized design will welcome the new Euro currency. Each stamp features the Heraldic Lion. One colored blue with a postage value of 1 Euro, and the other colored red with a postage value of 5 Euro. Famous artist Pirkko Vahtero designed the last change to the coat of arms in 1975.

Each stamp can be purchase as single stamp, First Day Cover, or a sheet of 10. The size of the each stamp is 24.5 x 34.5 mm and the size of each sheet is 103.5 x 210 mm. The printing process used is 6/1-color gravure with a self-adhesive stamp paper 102 g/msq. A quality of 5,100,000 of the blue Heraldic Lion stamp will be printed, and a quality of 600,000 of the red Heraldic Lion stamp will be printed.
First Day Cover
Sheets of 10

To order these stamps or to learn more go to Use the Universal currency conversion tool at to convert currency.

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