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Faroe Islands Postal Service 2003 Issue
Design by Astrid Andreasen and Guorio Poulsen

Art on Posters

The Faroe Islands Postal Service has issued two new stamps that have postage values of 6.50 DDK and 8.00 DDK named "Art on Posters" on the 14rd of April 2003. This is a Europa 2003 issue, meaning the European postal organization reached an agreement to issue a joint European stamps featuring a particular theme. This year the common theme of these European stamps will be art on posters.

The first stamp depicts a poster titled "Fish Tree" created by Astrid Andreasen. It has four pairs of coalfish hung up to dry and is a clear cut symbol of the ancient ties between the Faroese people and their fishing grounds. The second stamp depicts a poster that shows three art works created by ceramicist Guorio Poulsen. The piece in the foreground is "Chrysalis" on the right is "Reclining form" and behind it on the left is "Jazz III". Each of these ceramic artworks is now on display at the Art Gallery in Torshavn.

In 1983 the Faroes posters arrive as art with the opening of the Nordic House. It can now celebrate twenty years of activity with nearly 50 posters issued. The posters are now considered a collectors item since they are only produced in a single edition.

The Art on Posters stamps can be purchased as a single mint set, Set of mint top plate blocks of 4, Set of mint bottom plate blocks of four, full sheet or various FDC. The stamp size measures 42.0 mm x 24.99 mm and will have a perforation size of 13. The stamps will be printed by Cartor Security Printing, France using the Offset printing process.

To order these stamps or to learn more go to Use the Universal currency conversion tool at to convert currency.

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