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Faroe Islands Postal Services 2012 Issue
Design by Anker Eli Petersen

Regin the Blacksmith

The Faroe Islands Postal Service has issued a new mini-sheet with 6 stamps that have a postage value of 11kr named "Regin the Blacksmith" on the 24th of September 2012. This new mini-sheet depicts 6 stamps that tell a story about a man who kills a dragon and receives a gift from nature after he eats the dragons heart and drinks its blood. The story begins with his father being fatally wounded on a battlefield. His name was Sigmund Volsungson. Before he dies his wife Hjordis tells him that she carries a boy-child under her belt, who shall avenge his death. He gives her his sword which is broken and tells her about the blacksmith Regin who can fix it. He also tells here about the great serpent Fraenir, who resides out on Glitra-heath.

Hjordis gives birth to a healthy boy whom she calls Sigurd. He grows up and becomes a strong and healthy man who has immense strength and uncontrollable anger; and because of this he accidentally injures and kills some of his mates at weapons training. His fellow warriors blame him for his violence and say that he should rather avenge his father than harming them.

Sigurd goes to his mother and asks her who killed his father. She gives him Sigmunds broken sword and tells him about the killers, Regin the Blacksmith, and Fraenir the serpent. At early morning Sigurd gets his horse Grani(the grey one) and rides out with his fathers broken sword to find Regin the blacksmith. After Regin the blacksmith fixes the sword Sigurd calls the sword Gram.

Then Sigurd rides out to find his fathers killers who are known as Hundings sons. When he finds them the battle is short and Sigurd kills them all. He then heads out to kill the serpent at Glitra-health. When he gets there, he sees the serpent leaving its golden lair. Sigurd charges at the serpent with his horse Grani and his sword Gram. As they meet Sigurd swings Gram and cuts the serpent in two pieces. Sigurd places the serpent heart on a stake and begins to cook it. When he begins to eat the heart he suddenly become aware and understands the language of birds and other animals. Sigurd then rejoices and loads the gold on Granis back, and together they ride home.

"Regin the Blacksmith" stamps can be purchase as a mini-sheet of 6, and FDC. The size of each stamp is 27mm x 40mm and the size of the mini-sheet is 102mm x 106mm. They were printed by Beijing Stamp Printing House, China using the offset printing method.

Regin the Blacksmith FDC Stamp issue

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