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Faroe Islands Postal Services 2012 Issue
Designed by Edward Fuglo

Rescue at Sea Mini-sheet

The Faroe Islands Postal Service has issued a new mini-sheet with two stamps that have a postage value of 10.5kr named "Rescue at Sea" on the 21st of March 2012. These new stamps commemorate the government rescue agencies through out the world and in the Faroe Islands that are there when accidents at sea happen. Before these agencies were developed rescue operation for accidents at sea were perform by the general public who were not equipped to handle such emergencies. Because of these deficiencies thousands of fishermen have died at sea. It was not until 1976 when the Faroe Islands established a formal rescue service named Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC). They are responsible for initiating and coordinating search and rescue efforts in Faroese waters and neighboring countries. Today, because of the efforts of the MRCC and neighboring rescue agencies deaths at sea are now rare and work at sea can now be considered a safe occupation.

"Rescue at Sea" stamps can be purchase as a mini-sheet, and FDC. The size of the each stamp is 29.5mm x 38.5mm and the size of the mini-sheet is 105mm x 70mm. They were printed by OeSD, Austria using the offset printing method.

Rescue at Sea FDC

Rescue at Sea FDC Stamp

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