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Faroe Island Postal Service 2002 Issue
Design by KHO/Frimerkjadeildin

The Faroese Parliament-150 years

On the 29th of July 2002 the Faroes Islands will be celebrating their 150th anniversary of the re-establishment of the Faroese legislative assembly also known as the Logting. To honor this famous occasion the Faroe Island Postal Service is issuing a new souvenir sheet on the 17th of June 2002. The sheet will contain two stamps, one with a postal value of 5 DKK, and the other with a value of 6.5 DKK. Depicted on the sheet is two important documents of the council. One is the medieval statutory instrument of 1298 contained in the royal book or Kongsbokin, which is a medieval book of law. And the other is the protocol of the medieval statutory from 1852. In the upper left hand corner of the sheet is an insert with the ancient seal of the medieval statutory. Also shown is the cover of the medieval statutory protocol from 1852. It is said that the statutory instrument dating from 1298 and the Faroese Representative Council that has existed for 150 years is directly traced back to the time of the Vikings.

The Faroese Parliament-150 years can be purchase as a mint or cancel souvenir sheet, or First Day Cover. The Souvenir Sheet size is 70 mm x 100 mm and each stamp size is 45 mm x 28 mm. The perforation size is 14 per 2 cm and the printing process used is Offset printing.

The Faroese Parliament-150 years FDC

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