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2004 Christmas Grand Finale
Sweden Gnome Chores Christmas 2004 Stamp Issue

Australian Christmas 2004 Stamp Issue

Switzerland Christmas Decoration 2004 Christmas Stamp Issue

It's that time again when postal services around the world issue their new Christmas Stamps. This year because there are so many Christmas Stamps Issues, we decided to cover three different countries with our last Christmas newsletter for the year. Each country Christmas stamps and specification are listed below.

Sweden issued a four stamp se-tenant set designed by Olof Baldursdottir and named "Gnome Chores" on the 11th of November 2004. The stamps depict famous children book characters known as gnomes. Each stamp size is 31.25 x 26.60mm and was printed using the 4 color Offset printing process by Sweden Post Stamps, Stockholm.

Australia issued a three stamp set designed by Jeanette Fallon and named "Christmas 2004" on the 1st of November 2004. Each stamp depicts a Nativity scene. The size of the 45 & 50 cents stamps is 26 x 37.5mm and the size of the $1.00 is 37.5 by 26mm. The stamps were printed using the Lithography printing process by SNP Sprint.

Switzerland's Bernadette Baltis designed a five stamp Miniature Souvenir sheet named "Christmas Decoration" on the 23rd of November 2004. As the name implies each stamp depicts a Christmas Decoration. The Miniature sheet size is 160 x 56mm and each stamp size is 28 x 33mm. They will be printed by Joh. Enschede Haarlem, Netherlands using the 5-color rotogravure printing process.

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