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Canada Postal Service 2003 Issue
Designed by Pierre David

Christmas Presents

The Canada Postal Service has issued 3 new stamps that have postage values of 48 Cents, 65 Cents & $1.25 named "Christmas Presents" on the 4th of November 2003. These three stamps all feature favorite Christmas gifts that are given to Adults and Children in many countries of the world. In Canada, Christmas time is a time for giving. It is the time of the year when Canadians are celebrating Christmas and the birthday of baby Jesus. The original Christmas gift givers were the wise men who according to Christian scripture traveled far from the east to bring baby Jesus gifts of gold, incense and myrrh.
In Canada many Christmas traditions reflect immigrant roots from abroad. Immigrants from France introduced Christmas Carols and home nativity scenes. From Germany they introduced Christmas Trees and wreaths. From Ireland hanging lights in windows and from the Dutch through America came Santa Claus.

The "Christmas Presents" stamps can only be purchased in booklets or FDC's. In booklets of 12 each stamp size is 35 mm x 38 mm and in booklets of 6 each stamp size is 38 mm x 35 mm with each booklet having kiss cut perforation. The stamps will be printed by Lowe-Martin using the seven-color Lithography printing process with Self-adhesive Tullis Russell Coated paper. General 4 side tagging will be used. Printed quantities will be 48,000,000 of the 12 stamps booklet, and 7,500,000 for each of the 6 stamp booklets.

Christmas Presents FDC

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