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Canada Postal Service 2003 Issue
Designed by Catharine Bradbury
and Karin Uusikorpi

Tourist Attractions

The Canada Postal Service has issued two new booklets with ten new stamps that have postage values of 5 @ $0.65 for U.S. rate, and 5 @ $1.25 for International rate named "Tourist Attractions" on the 12th of June 2003. The stamps depict 10 popular tourist attractions in Canada. Each of the beautiful and famous tourist attraction is as follows:

Wilberforce Falls (Above Top Left) - is located on the Nunavut's Hood River and is the highest waterfalls north of the Arctic Circle. The area has breathtaking beauty and is the home of many different animals. Whitewater enthusiasts have a big challenge on this River which has Hood's Class I, II, and III rapids that plunge more then 50 meters in some places.

Inside Passage (Above Top Right) - stretching a distance of 507 kilometers (315 miles) this protected waterway begins at Vancouver Island from Port Hardy and ends at Prince Rupert. Tourists can go on cruises or ferry rides through the Passage and visit villages, Museums and galleries. Many whales are seen in the area.

RCMP Depot Division (Above Bottom Left) - is the Regina's Royal Canadian Mounted Police Depot Division and has become one of Saskatchewan's prime tourist attractions. Tourists can enjoy the Museum, Chapel and also watch the trainees drill in Parades.

Casa Loma (Above Bottom Right) - located atop a hill in Toronto this colossal building was build by Canadian Financier Sir Henry Pellatt between 1911 and 1914. It has a great hall with a 20 meter (70 foot) oak-beamed ceiling and 10 meters (40 foot) window case, a conservatory, horse stables, and beautiful gardens. Self-guided tours in a number of languages are available year -round.

Gatineau Park (Below Top Left) - is a nature reserve that spans 363 square kilometers (140 square miles) and is located just northwest of Ottawa. It has hundreds of trails, birds, and mammals. And a 32.5 (20 miles) scenic parkways with lookouts that have fantastic views.

Dragon Boat Racing (Below Top Right) - are being held in Festival in cities across Canada. Each dragon boat has 20 paddlers, with a drummer at the head of the boat keeping beat and a steersperson at the back. A fun sport to watch for any racing fan.

Polar Bear Watching (Below Middle Left) - can be done quite easily in the town of Churchill located on the southwest shore of Hudson Bay. It is known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World. Although the Polar Bears can be seen year round, they come to the shores of Hudson Bay in the fall to begin their winter seal hunt. Tourists can stay in comfortable lodges and view the roaming polar bears from non-invasive tundra buggies.

Niagara Falls (Below Middle Right) - located in Ontario is considered one of the worlds greatest natural wonders. The falls are horseshoe shape and are 57 meters (187 feet) high and 675 meters (2214 feet) wide, with a flow of 155 million liters of water per minute. Tourists can view the falls from towers, boats or from behind the falls themselves. Colorful lights illuminate the falls at night. The falls are located near a Casino, Botanical Gardens, Marineland and scenic Niagara Parks.

Magdalen Islands (Below Bottom Left) - is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This 96 Kilometer (60 mile) seaway has many islands with about six of these islands connected to one another by long thin sand dunes. The islands are a homeland for many different bird colonies. Tourists have access to many different activities such as windsurfing, scuba diving, horseback riding, fishing, golf, dancing and much much more.

Charlottetown (Below Bottom Right) - is an National Historic Site build in 1847 and is regarded as the birthplace of Canada since the first conference to discuss federal union was held there in 1864. It is a three story building which now houses the PEI Provincial Legislature and is close to this city's Confederation Center as well as the Confederation Center Art Gallery, which celebrates the origins and evolution of Canada as a nation.

The "Tourist Attraction" stamp sets can be purchased in two Single booklets, or FDC. The size of each stamp is 48 mm x 30mm with all sides having a simulated perforation size. The stamps will be printed by Ashton Potter Printing using the Lithography printing process in eight different colors. The gum type will be pressure-sensitive using Cornwall paper. Tagging will be general 4 sides. A quantity of 5,230,875 of each book will be printed.

Tourist Attraction

Tourist Attraction Booklets

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