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Canada Postal Service 2003 Issue
Design by Denis L'Allier

University of Western Ontario

The Canada Postal Service will issued a new stamp with a postage value of 48 cents named "University of Western Ontario" on the 19th of March 2003. The stamp honors The University of Western Ontario for its excellence in academic education and research for 125 years. The University was founded on March 7, 1878 and was named the Western University of London. It began as a church university and for 30 years had no province funding. In 1908, the city of London assumed financial responsibility for the university, and Western became a secular institution. In 1923 the school name was changed to University of Western Ontario.

The school is located along the banks of the Thames River in London, Ontario. Its student body number 25,000 students with a faculty of 1,200. Rated as one of the top 10 in medical and scientific research, offers more than 50 different degree and diploma programs, and is widely known for its policy studies in social science and business.

The University of Western Ontario stamp can be purchased as a Booklet or FDC. The stamp size measures 36 mm x 45 mm with a perforation size of 13+. The stamps will have a P.V.A. gum and general 4 sides tagging. A quantity of 3,000,000 will be printed by Canada Bank Note using the Lithography printing process with six colors. Tullis Russell Coatings paper will be used.

University of Western Ontario FDC

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