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Canada Postal Services 2012 Issue
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The Regiments

The Canada Postal Service has issued three new stamps that have a postage value of permanent domestic rate (61c) named "The Regiments" on the 11th of October 2012. These new stamps celebrate a century and a half of active duty for three regiments. Each is listed in the table below with a short description.

  • The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada - founded in 1862 and was activated for its first mission in the 1860 against Fenian invaders. Over the past 150 years this regiment has had thousands of Canadians served in foreign wars, United Nations peacekeeping and stabilization missions, NATO interventions, and crises at home. Six members of this regiment have been awarded the Victoria Cross which is the highest military honor offered by the Commonwealth. The emblem for the regiment is the Red Hackle.
  • The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry was nicknamed the Rileys. It also is celebrating 150th years of active duty service. Founded in 1862, as the 13th Battalion Volunteer Militia (Infantry) which was merged later with the Wentworth Regiment and renamed The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Regiment. It has served in wartime battles, peacekeeping and home based relief efforts. Two members have been awarded the Victoria Cross.
  • The Royal Regiment of Canada - was formed in 1861 because of the war torn US Civil War. Canada fearing invasion from the US sent 200 men to Toronto to raise a volunteer battalion. Their efforts lead to the formation of The Royal Regiment of Canada. Todays members have served in peacekeeping missions around the world such as Sudan and Afghanistan.

"The Regiments" stamps can be purchase is booklets of 10, Souvenir Sheet and FDCs. The size of each stamp is 40mm x 30mm with a simulated perforation size of 13+ using the 2cm reference. The size of the souvenir sheet is 160mm x 75mm. They were printed by Lowe Martin using the Lithography 7 color printing method with Tullis Russell paper. The Souvenir sheet has P.V.A. gum and the booklet stamps use a pressure sensitive gum. Quantity printed of each booklet is 2,500,000 and 250,000 souvenir sheets.

The Regiments Souvenir Sheet

The Regiments FDCs

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