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Canada Postal Service 2002 Issue
Design by Monique Dufour, Sophie Laforture

On the 30 August, 2002 the Canadian Postal Service will further celebrate the 50th Tulip Festival with the issue of a Tulips Souvenir Sheet. Four commemorative stamps with a postal value of 48 cents each will depict the tulips in the City of Vancouver, Monte Carlo, Ottawa, and the Bishop. The Tulip Festival is held in Ottawa each year. It celebrates the blooming of approximately one million tulips in the National Capital Commission tulip beds. The first 100,000 tulip bulbs were sent as a gift from the Netherlands in the fall of 1945 as a token of thanks for the sacrifices made by Canada in the liberation of their country. The souvenir sheet will be issued on the occasion of the AMPHILEX 2002 World Philatelic Exhibition being held in Amsterdam.

The Tulips Souvenir Sheet can be purchase as a mint single souvenir sheet. Each stamp size is 30 mm x 48 mm with a perforation size of 13+. The number of souvenir sheets printed will be 300,000 using the Lithography Printing process in 6 colors. The souvenir sheet will have a gum type of P.V.A. and use general four side tagging for authentication.

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