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The Canada Postal Service has issued two new stamps on the 3rd of January 2002. The name of this new issue is Year of the Horse. One of the stamps is value at 48 cents and the other at $1.25. It represents the coming of the lunar New Year which starts February 12, 2002 for millions of Asia people around the world. It is base on a twelve year cycle that changes every year. And with that change, a new animal will be chosen from the ancient zodiac. On January 31, 2003 the Year of the Horse will end and another animal will be chosen from the ancient zodiac. The lunar new year is the most celebrated Chinese holiday. It is a time when the Chinese people gather and feast in celebration. The Canada post joins with its Asian-Canadians to celebrate the new year.

Year of the Horse stamps

The stamp can be purchase as a single, Blocks of 4, Pane of 25, uncut press sheets of 12, FDC and souvenir sheets. The size of the each stamp is 33 x 37.5 mm for the 48 cent, 33 x 37.5 mm for the $1.25, and 600 x 581mm for the souvenir sheet. There will be 11,000,000 of the 48 cents stamp printed, 1,700,000 souvenir sheets printed, and 35,000 uncut press sheets printed. Perforation size is 13+ and the printing process used is lithography with 6 colors for the stamps and 8 colors for the Pane and uncut press sheet. General Four sides tagging was applied.

Pane of 25
Uncut press sheet
First Day Cover

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