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The Canada Postal Service has issued some cool new Balloon stamps on the 1st of October 2001. The four stamp set features flying balloons in a triangle shape stamp with part of a balloon sticking out. They are really colorful to look at and honor those brave men who fly in them. Hot air balloons were discovered by Joseph Michel and Jacques Etienne de Montgolfier. They demonstrated their balloon invention in June of 1783. Hot air balloons consist of three main parts. The envelope, burner, and basket. The burner heats the air in the envelope which causes it to rise. Varying the temperature of the hot air in the envelope controls the ascent and descent of the balloon. Those of you who might want to try this sport will need to acquire a balloon pilot licenses. Presently there are around 5000 balloon pilots in the world. Balloon sporting events are held in many countries all over the world. I would just as soon watch then participate.

The Balloon stamps can be purchase in 2 sets in a single stamp book either sealed or unsealed. First Day Cover are also available. Each stamp has a postage value of 47 cents. The size of each stamps is 43 x 31 mm. The printing process for the stamps is Lithography in six colors. The stamps are pressure sensitive self adhesive and were die-cut with no perforation. A quantity of 8,000,000 stamps will be printed

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