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Canada Postal Services 2006 Issue
Design by Derwyn Goodall

Wine and Cheese

Canada Postal Service has issued four new stamps that have a postage value of 51 cents each named "Wine and Cheese" on the 23rd of August 2006. The stamps are being issued to pay tribute to Canada's internationally acclaimed products wine and cheese.

Winemaking is believed to have originated in the Neolithic period in Mesopotamia and spread across Europe and the Atlantic reaching Canada in 1811. Today there are 170 Canadian wineries that are known for their famous ice wines. Canada's climate provides favorable growing conditions to produce ice wine that is harvested at -10 degree Celsius when the grapes are frozen naturally on the vine.
Canada's cheese products began in 1608 when it is believed that Samuel de Champlain introduced the first herd of Norman cattle to New France. The French colonists of New France began to make cheese using ancestral recipes and traditions. Today, Canada's best-know distinctive cheese is sought after around the world for its sweet and creamy full flavor.

"Wine and Cheese" stamps can be purchased in a booklet of 8 and FDC. The size of each stamp is 41mm x 30mm for the octagon stamps and 37mm x 39mm for the cone shape stamps. The perforation is Kiss Cut. The stamps will be printed by Lowe-Martin Printing using the Lithography Printing process and Tullis Russell Coated paper with pressure sensitive gum. The quantity printed will be 5 million booklets.

Wine and Cheese FDC

Wine and Cheese Booklet

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