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Canada Postal Services 2005 Issue
Design by Derek Sarty

Battle of the Atlantic

Canada Postal Service has issue a new stamp that has a postage value of 50 Cents named "Battle of the Atlantic" on the 29th of April 2005. The stamp depicts part of a convoy protecting the supply shipping lanes. In the convoy of vessels on the horizon, a supply ship has just been torpedoed. Survivors form another torpedoed ship struggle in life boats and in the sea. A sailor lookout is on high alert as a Canadian Navy corvette springs into action. But a German U-boat has already set its sights on its next target, the corvette.

The pictures used to create this stamp were acquired form the original black-and-white photographs in the Library collection of Archives Canada and the Marcom Museum. They were assemble into a composite image and colored in nautical tones.

Each year the Canada Postal service issues a commemorative stamp to honor and remember those fighting men and women who gave their lives to preserve our freedom. Near the end of the war 22 Canadian naval ships had been lost, and more than 4,000 Canadians had died including 2,000 RN, 750 RCAF and 1,650 Merchants Marines.

"Battle of the Atlantic" stamp can be purchased as a single, Sheets of 16, Blocks of 4, or FDC. The size of each stamp is 56mm x 30mm with a Perforation size of 13+. The stamps will be printed by Lowe-Martin using the Lithography 8 color printing process with Tullis Russell Coated paper and P.V.A.gum. A quantity of 2,500,000 will be printed

Battle of the Atlantic FDC

Battle of the Atlantic Sheet of 16

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