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Canada Postal Service 2004 Issue
Designed by Gottschalk+Ash International (Toronto)

Santa Claus Parade

It's that time again when postal services around the world issue their new Christmas Stamps. This year the Canada Postal Service has issued three new stamps that have postage values of 49 cents, 80 cents and $1.40 named "Santa Claus Parade" on the 4th of November 2004. These three Jolly stamps are very colorful and filled with snowflakes, Christmas trees and stars for backgrounds with a snow cap ground surface. Each stamp depicts Santa Claus moving his presents by sled with rain deer power, or by Car, or by train. Canada has chosen these three different designs to honor Santa Claus and to thank him for participating at the Toronto's Santa Claus Parade with each mode of transportation. This year marks the 100th consecutive parade that Santa Claus will attend and everyone in Toronto is wondering what mode of transportation Santa Claus will arrive in.

"Santa Claus Parade" stamps can be purchased in three different booklets. The 49 cents comes in a 12 stamp booklet. The 80 cents stamp comes in a 6 stamp booklet and the $1.40 stamp comes in a 6 stamp booklet. All three stamps can be purchase on an FDC as shown below. The size of each stamp is 48mm x 28mm with a kiss cut perforation. They will be printed by Canadian Bank Note Co. using the Lithography printing process with Tullis Russell Coating paper and Pressure-sensitive gum. The quantity printed of each: 49 cents 60,000,000, 80 cents 7,500,000 and $1.40 will be 7,500,000

Santa Claus Parade FDC

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