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By Normand Tessier and Francis Back

Canada Postal Service will issue a new stamp named "The Great Peace of Montreal 1701-2001" on the 3rd of August 2001. The stamp represents one of the most significant diplomatic events in the history of North America. It took place in 1701 when New France and more than 30 First Nations signed the Great Peace Treaty of Montreal, officially ending nearly a century of conflict and introducing a new era of peace between the French, First Nations allies, and the Iroquois. August 3rd will mark the 300th anniversary of the Great Peace.
The Peace was initialize by governor Louis-Hector de Calliere (1648-1703) who was Governor General of New France. He had to solve a Fur trade rivalry between Albany (NY), New France and the Iroquois. After three years of negotiations, some thirteen hundred individuals from over thirty nations gathered in Montreal for a great feast. Afterwards, the treaty was signed by officials of New France and agreed to by the chiefs of all attending nations, ending almost a century of conflict.
The stamp shows what the Great Peace negotiations might have looked like. In the center facing the viewers, is the Ottawa chief Hassaki. And in the right background sitting is Governor de Calliere of France. To the left stand Onanguicie, the Potawatomi chief and Iroquois ambassadors . To the right foreground stand the chief from the Great Lakes and others.
This issue can be purchase as a Single, Block, Full Pane, or First Day Cover (FDC). The printing process used to print the stamps is Lithography with 5 colors. A quantity of four million will be printed. The stamp is tagged, and has a 13+ perforation size. The stamp is shown below with the FDC.

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