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Australian and Thailand Postal Service 2002 Issue
Design by Thaneth Ponchaiwong

Australia Miniature Sheet

The Australian postal service and the Thailand Postal Service have joined together to issue four new stamps depicting two beautiful Waterlilie flowers. They were issued on the 6th of August 2002. This joint issue celebrates 50 years of formal diplomatic relations between Australia and Thailand. The two Waterlilies depicted on the Australian souvenir sheet shown above are found in both countries. The names of each of these Waterlilies is:

  • Nymphaea Immutabilis - is depicted on the 45 cents stamp.
  • Nelumbo Nucifer - is depicted on the $1.00 stamp.
Waterlilies flowers will usually last from a few days to a week. They are showy and may be fragrant. Some will open in the day and others at night. Most are pollinated by beetles.
The stamps can be purchase as a mint set, a set of miniature sheets mint or postmarked, different FDC combinations, different Stamp Pack combinations, and different Gutter Strip combination. The size of each stamp is 37.5 mm x 26 mm, Perforation size is 13.86 x 14.6, Miniature sheet size is 106 mm x 70 mm, Sheet layout is two panes of 25 or a sheet of 50, Printing process use is Lithography using De La Rue SH8 paper.

Different combination of FDC's

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