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Australia Postal Services 2009 Issue
Designed by Stuart McLachlan

Inventive Australia

Australia Postal Service will issue a new set of five stamps that has a postage value of 55 cents each named "Inventive Australia" on the 19th of February 2009. These stamps depict some of the inventions created in Australia. Each stamp list the invention or inventions under the Australia country name. Each of the inventions is listed below:

  • Esky - is an insulated box that can keep food chilled for many hours. It was invented in 1952 by the Australian company Malley's.
  • Wine cast - allow people to buy large quantities of wine that would keep for a longer period of time.
  • Hills hoist - The modern rotary clothes hoist was first patented in 1926 by Melbourne blacksmith Gilbert Toyne. It was the first hoist produce that was inexpensive and practical to use.
  • Speedos - is a swimsuit developed by Alexander MacRae that reduced drag on swimmers. His company began marketing the suit in 1928.
  • Zinc Cream - invented by Faulding Pharmaceuticals in 1940. This cream protected people from getting sunburn.
  • B&D Roll-A-Door - was the first all-steel door that could be rolled closed or open without cracking.
  • The Ute - developed by body engineer Lewis Bandt of the Ford Australia Geelong plant in 1932. The design was inspired by a farmers wife who wanted a vehicle that could be driven to church on Sunday and carry pigs to market on Monday.
  • Victa Rotary Lawnmower - The idea was inspired by Lawrence Hall in 1948. Mervyn Victor Richardson saw a demonstration of Hall's lawn mowing machine and made a similar one in 1952 and called it Victa.

"Inventive Australia" stamps can be purchased in a set of 5, Sheet of 50, Minisheet, Booklet of 10, Stamp Pack, Prestige booklet, Collector's pack and various FDC's. The size of the stamps is 26mm x 37.5mm with a perforation size of 14.6 x 13.86 using the 2cm reference. The minisheet size is 170mm x 85mm. They will be printed by Energi Print using the Lithography printing method with Tullis Russell gummed and B100 self adhesive paper.

Inventive Australia Minisheet

Inventive Australia FDC

Inventive Australia Stamp Pack

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