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Australian Postal Services 2005 Issue
Designed by Kevin Stead

Australian Parrots

Australian Postal Service will issue five new stamps with a postage value of 50 cents each named "Australian Parrots" on the 8th of February 2005. These new stamps depict some of Australia's most colorful parrots that are among the most beautiful and spectacular birds in the world. Nearly 370 species of parrot are know worldwide of which 55 are found in Australia. Parrots can be found in many habitats such as rain forests, deserts, mountains and the coastline. Parrots have two physical features which set them apart from other birds. They have short and deep, down-curved bill and the arrangement of their toes, with two pointing forward and the other two pointing backward. Each of the birds depicted on the stamps is described below (Left to Right):

  • Princess Parrot
  • Rainbow Lorikeet
  • Green Rosella
  • Red-capped Parrot
  • Purple-crowned Lorikeet

"Australian Parrots" stamp can be purchased as set of 5, Stamp pack, Collector's pack, Strip of 5 from rolls, Rolls of 100, Gutter Strip of 10 or FDC's. The size of each stamp is 37.5mm x 26mm with a perforation of 14.6 x 13.86. The stamps will be printed by SNP Sprint using the Lithography Printing process with Tullis Russell paper.

Australian Parrots FDC

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