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Design by Jonathan Chong, Australia Post Design Studio

The Australian Postal Service will issued a new pair of stamps that honor the Queen of England on the 6th of February 2002. Each stamp features a picture of the Queen. One in the early years of her reign with a 45 cent postage value. And the other with a picture of her taken at the Presidential Palace in 2000 that has a $2.45 postage value. The stamps recognize the queen for 50 years of service to the empire. A miniature sheet also being issued shows her undertaking her public duties, including images from the Royal visits to Australia in 1954 and 2000, Royal wedding in 1947, golden wedding anniversary in 1997 and the Royal garden party in 1954.

The stamp pair can be purchase as a single stamp pair, sheets of 50 with two panes of 25, gutter strip of 10, stamp pack, miniature sheet, or First Day Cover with miniature sheet or stamps. The size of each stamp is 26 x 37.5 mm and the miniature sheet size is 106 x 70 mm. The printing process used is Lithography and each stamp has a Perforation size is 14.6 x 13.86.

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