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Aland Finland Postal Service 2004 Issue
Designed by Cecilia Mattsson

Natural Environments in Aland

Aland Finland Postal Service has issued a new stamp with a postage value of 0.95 Euro named "Natural Environments in Aland" on the 13th of August 2004. The stamps depicts the beach of the solitary islet (little island) of Storklyndan in Brando, situated eight nautical miles north of the island Jurmo. The islet measures around 247 acres and is today uninhabited and privately owned. Storklyndan is the northernmost point of Aland and a popular recreational area. The vegetation on this islet of windswept rocks consist mainly of shrubs and brushes: however, you can also find an abundance of cloud berries. The pictures on the FDC, Collector's sheet and Gutter pair strip were all found on Storklyndan.

"Natural Environments in Aland" stamps can be purchased as a Mint or Canceled stamp, Collector's sheet or FDC. The size of each stamp is 36.51mm x 31.75mm with a perforation of 13. The stamps will be printed by Cartor Security Printing using the 4 Color Offset printing process with 110g/m square paper.

Natural Environments in Aland Gutter Pair Strip

Natural Environments in Aland FDC

Natural Environments in Aland FDC Stamp

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