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Aland Finland Postal Service 2004 Issue
Designed by Cecilia Mattsson

The Aland Flag 50th Anniversary

Aland Finland Postal Service has issued a new stamp with a postage value of 6 Euro (1st Class) named "The Aland Flag 50th Anniversary" on the 23rd of April 2004. It was a long struggle before Aland Finland was able to declare its own Flag, and in 1922 it all began with the first Aland Flag being hosted. It was a three-gore flag in blue-yellow-blue that was used for a long time even though it was never official. Then in 1934 a general flag regulation was issued in Finland. It stated that a flag could not be used unless the Finnish Flag was hoisted at the same time-on a taller pole. The people in Aland did not received this Finland regulation well. So they started a procedure to get an official flag for Aland. Finally in 1952 the Autonomy Act of 1952 gave Aland the right to have its own flag and the first flag to be introduced was the golden cross. It had a yellow cross and a narrow, blue cross. But it was not received well by the President of Finland, because it was similar to the Swedish flag. Then in 1953 the parties agreed on a layout for the official flag of Aland. As depicted on the stamp it has became a very popular symbol for the people of Aland; and each year on the last Sunday of April the people celebrate its anniversary with a national Flag Day holiday.

"The Aland Flag 50th Anniversary" stamp can be purchased as a single stamp booklet, Collector sheet or FDC. The size of the stamp is 35.4mm x 26mm and the size of the booklet is 199.0mm x 60.0mm. It will be printed by Cartor Security Printing using the four color Offset printing process with 225 g/meter square paper. Only 150,000 self-adhesive booklets will be printed.

The Aland Flag 50th Anniversary FDC

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