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Aland Postal Service 2004 Issue
Design by Staffan Ullstrom


Aland Postal Service will issue 3 new stamps that have postage values of 0.20, 0.60, and 3.00 Euro named "Predators" on the 2nd of February 2004. The stamps depict three different predators found in the Aland forests. These Nordic predators are not a common sight in their natural habitat due to shyness. Each of the predators shown on each is described as follows:

  • Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) - are found in Europe, Asia, North and Central America, Australia, Africa and the Middle East. They can survive in all kinds of environments such as mountains, forests, cities and other populated areas. They are very adaptable and will eat almost anything from hares, small rodents, insects and carcasses to berries and household garbage.
  • Pine Marten (Martes martes) - are found in most parts of Europe and Central Asia. There diet includes small mammals, hares, birds, eggs, berries, frogs and insects. They thrives in forest and are great climbers, but prefer to stay on the ground. There population is limited by the Red Fox who preys on them.
  • Ermine (Mustela erminea) - found in Europe and Asia, but are extremely rare in Aland, which makes them a species well worth protecting. They like to live near water and high up in the mountains above the tree line. However, they also prefer swamps, ditches and rocky areas. There diet includes small rodents, hares, birds, worms, insects and berries. During the winter the Ermines up north get a beautiful white winter coat, while the ones further south keep their brown fur.

"Predators" stamps can be purchased as a single mint or canceled set, Collector sheet, set of full sheets, or various FDC types. Each stamp size is 30.56 mm x 36.59 mm with a perforation size of 14. The stamps will be printed by De La Rue using the 4 color offset printing process with 110 g/meter square paper. A quantity of 500,000 each will be printed

Predators FDC

Predators Collector sheet

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