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Aland Postal Services 2012 Issue
Designed by Hakan Sjostrom

S/S Birger Jarl and M/S Sally Albatross Ferries

The Aland Postal Service will issue two new stamps with postage values of 0.55 Euro and 0.65 Euro(Lokalpost) named "S/S Birger Jarl and M/S Sally Albatross Ferries" on the 1st of February 2012. These stamps feature two more of the twelve passenger ferry fleet stamp sets being issued by Aland. They are number seven(SS Birger Jarl) and eight (M/S Sally Albatross). A short history of each ferry is listed below:

The S/S Birger Jarl was delivered to Swedish shipping company Stockholms Rederi AB Svea by Finnboda shipyard in 1953. It was put in traffic between Stockhholm and Helsinki and Stockholm and Turku. In 1973 the ship was sold to Finnish shipping company Jakob Lines to operate between Skelleftea, Sweden, and Pietarsaari, Finland. During this time the deck was modified to allow cars to drive on. Three years later the ship was sold to Godby Shipping and renamed Minisea. However, the new name was never painted on the ship. In 1976 to 1977 the ship was used as a supply and receiving ship. Then in 1978 it was sold to a Caribbean Shipping Co. in Panama and changed the ships name to S/S Baltic Star. At this time the ship was rebuild to include aftercabins and a skybar. In 1979 the ship arrived in Stockholm and was used as a curise ship on the Baltic Sea. In 1982, the steam engine was replaced by a diesel engine and five years later, a new section was added on the foredeck with a new owner Anedin-linjen. Since then, it has been used as a cruse ship between Mariehamn and Stockholm.
The M/S Sally Albatross is a ship that has been plaque with bad luck. It was built in 1980 by Wartsila Shipyard, Turku, and M/S Viking Saga. It was ordered by Finnish shipping company Rederi Ab Sally in Mariehamn to operate for Viking Line between Helsinki and Stockholm. In 1986 the ship was remodelled for cruising and renamed Sally Albatross. It was then put in service from Helsinki to Visby, Tallinn and Leningrad among other ports. In 1990, the ship was destroyed by fire. Only the engines were left intact after a three day fire. After the fire the owners decided to cut off everything above the engine room to build an entirely new ship. Completed in March of 1992 the ship began cruising operation between Helsinki and various ports in the Baltic. Two years later the ship hit a reef and began to take on water. Its captian ran the ship aground to prevent it from sinking. All passengers were safely evacuated. After the grounding, the ship was chartered to the Caribbean and to Asia but reappeared in the Baltic Sea in 2002. It was renamed again as M/S Silja Opera. Since then, accidents continued to occur with a fire in the ships power supply station. In 2006 the ship was laid up in Stockholm and again resold to Cyprus in 2007 with another name change to Cristal. In March 2011 the ship begain to operate in Greek waters under the name M/S Louis Cristal.

"S/S Birger Jarl and M/S Sally Albatross Ferries" stamps can be purchase as a pair, Sheets of 2 x 20, or FDC. The size of the stamps is 35.4mm x 26mm with a perforation size of 13 x 13 using the 2cm reference. They will be printed by Cartor Security Printing using the 4 color offset printing process with 110gms paper.

S/S Birger Jarl and M/S Sally Albatross Ferries FDC

S/S Birger Jarl and M/S Sally Albatross Ferries Gutter Pair Sheets

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