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Aland Postal Service 2003 Issue
Designed by Staffan Ullstrom


Aland Postal Service has issued three new mushrooms stamps on the 2nd of January 2003 named "Mushrooms." The stamps depict three mushrooms found in the Finnish forest. An explanation and postage value of each is as follows:

  • Chanterelle (0,10 Euro) - is seen as the king of the mushroom forest and is Finland most favored edible mushroom. It is completely yellow and reaches a height of 5 to 10cm and has a funnel-shaped cap. The Chanterelle can be found and picked between the months of June and October.
  • King Bolete (0,50 Euro) - is another nice edible mushroom. It is popular in Italy where it is used dried in various pasta dishes. The King Bolete is commonly found in Finnish forest during August and September. The mushroom is white or light-brownish at the base with a cap in varying degrees of brown. It grows to be around 10-15cm.
  • Parasol Mushroom (2,50) - is a popular and delicious mushroom, which may reach a height of 40cm. Its grey-brownish cap may also grow to 30cm in diameter. You can find the Parasol Mushroom between the months of August and September.
The Aland Mushrooms stamps can be purchased as singles, Collector sheet or FDC. Each of the stamps measures 31.75mm x 36.51mm with a perforation size of 13. The stamps will be printed using 110 g/m square paper with the 4 color offset printing process by Cartor Security Printing. A quantity of 500,000 stamps each will be printed.

Mushroom FDC

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