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Aland Finland Postal Services 2006 Issue
Designed by Juha Pykalainen

Mythical 'Letesgubbe'

Aland Finland Postal Service has issued a new mini-sheet that has one stamp with a postage value of 0.85 Euro named "Mythical 'Letesgubbe'" on the 29th of March 2006. This is a second issue of a three part series. The first issued in 2004 and the third to be issued in 2008. The mini-sheet stamp depicts a mythical being call a Letesgubbe who lived in archipelago. These Letesgubbe would warned people of oncoming storms or other occurrences by banging walls, Jangling and throwing objects. They were described as short elderly men wearing sealskin shoes, leather trousers, leather sweaters and a leather or knitted caps. The miniature sheet shows the Letesgubbe rattling the leten to warn of an oncoming storm. Leten is a part of net made of metallic bronze. This sheet can also be obtained in the Top of the world folder set which contains eight Nordic postal services mini-sheets.

"Mythical 'Letesgubbe'" can be purchased as a mini-sheet, Collector's sheet, Top of the World Nordic Set Folder or FDC. The size of each stamp is 30.5mm x 40mm and the size of the miniature sheet is 105mm x 70mm. The perforation size is 13 per 2cm. It will be printed by the Lowe Martin Group using the 5-color Offset Printing process. A quantity of 200,000 Miniature Sheets will be printed.

Mythical 'Letesgubbe' FDC's

Mythical 'Letesgubbe' FDC Stamps

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