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Aland Postal Service 2002 Issue
Photographed by Jan Andersson

Sylloda pin

Persby buckle

Aland Postal Service will issue two new stamps on the 2nd of September, 2002. These new stamps show some unique metal work that was done in the 8th or 9th century. Both of the items depicted are Jewelry items, and are now being displayed in the Aland Museum. The Exquisite ornamental Sylloda pin shown above is made up of Gold, Silver and bronze. It was found in 1956 by a farmer digging in a flower bed next to his house. It is suggested that the pin originated from the British Isles or Ireland. The small Silver buckle shown above only measures a few centimeters long. It was found during an excavation of a grave-field. The buckle is made up of silver, garnet and gold ornamentation. It originally came from the continent of England. The Sylloda pin stamp has a postage value of 1st class and the Silver Buckle has a postage value of 2nd class.

The stamps can be purchase as a mint set, sheets of 2 x 20, or FDC. Each stamp size is 36 mm x 26 mm. And the Printing process use is offset with 102 grams per meter square paper with 4 colors. A quantity of 2 x 400,000 will be printed.

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