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Design by Talvikki Canin


The Aland Finland Postal Service has issued some mouth watering stamps on the 28th of February 2002. The name of this new issue is "Aland Dishes" and they come in a se-tenant block of 4 with a postage value of 1 Klass (1st class) each. There are four different dishes depicted in this issue. Lets start with the main course

Top left - raw spiced salmon topped with a touch of lemon, and cooked new potatoes.
Top right - fried Baltic herring with mash potatoes and red beetroot.
Bottom right - special Aland black bread made of malt and syrup. Goes great with butter and cheese.
Bottom Left - coffee and Aland Pancake with stewed prune sauce and whipped cream.
The stamp can be purchase in a single booklet with two sets of 4, and as a FDC. The size of the each stamp is 36 x 25.73 mm and the size of each booklet is 170 x 49 mm folded. Perforation size is 13 and the printing process is 4 color offset using 102g/m2 paper. There will be 250,000 issued.


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