Foreign Stamp Identifier

Many stamps do not have a country name printed on them. This index provides a list of countries that have issued stamps with no country name. The only way to find out what country a stamp is from with no country name is trial and error. Meaning you must search each country for the stamp you need to identify. Click each links below to browse each country that has issued stamps with no country name. Note: before searching, try to determine in what part of the world the stamp is from. For example does it look like a stamp from South America. Use your browser BACK BUTTON to return to the index. If you have a country that you think should be added to this no country name index, please send the country and a .JPG picture of the stamp you wish to be added to our e-mail address Thank you for your support.

Country Name Country Link
Afghanistan Identifier
Armenia Identifier
Australia State - New South Wales Identifier
Australia State - Victoria Identifier
Austria Identifier
Belgium Identifier
Bosnia and Herzegovina Identifier
Brazil Identifier
Burma (Japanese Occupation Stamps) Identifier
China Identifier
Colombia State - Boyaca Identifier
Dominican Republic Identifier
Egypt Identifier
Ethiopia Identifier
Finland Identifier
France Identifier
French Colonies Identifier
German State - Baden Identifier
German State - Bremen Identifier
German State - Brunswick Identifier
German State - Prussia Identifier
German State - Thurn and Taxis Identifier
German State - Wurttemberg Identifier
Great Britain Identifier
Great Britain Islands - Isle of Man Identifier
Greece Identifier
India Feudatory State - Faridkot Identifier
India Feudatory State - Kishangarh Identifier
Iran Identifier
Italy Identifier
Italian State - Modena Identifier
Italian State - Roman States Identifier
Italian State - Sardinia Identifier
Italian State - Tuscany Identifier
Italian State - Two Sicilies Identifier
Japan Identifier
Jordan Identifier
Jugoslavia Identifier
Latvia Identifier
Liberia Identifier
Luxembourg Identifier
Manchukuo Identifier
Mongolia Identifier
Montenegro Identifier
Netherlands Identifier
Peru Identifier
Philippines Identifier
Portugal Identifier
Sian or Thailand Identifier
Siberia Identifier
Spain Identifier
Switzerland Identifier
Syria Identifier
Tannu Tuva Identifier
Thailand or Sian Identifier
Thrace Identifier
Tibet Identifier
Transcaucasian Federated Republics Identifier
Turkey Identifier
Turkey in Asia Identifier
Yemen Identifier

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