Foreign Stamp Identifier Keyword Index

Find the keyword on the stamp. Then find it in this keyword index. Click the link to the right of the keyword and the country the stamp is from will be displayed. If you have a stamp keyword that you think should be added to this stamp keyword index, please send your keyword and the country it is from to our e-mail address Thank you for your support.



S Keywords Country Link
S.; Ovp Straits Settlements Identifier
Sa Identifier
Saar Identifier
Saargebiet; Ovp Germany Identifier
Saargebiet Identifier
Saarland Identifier
Saarpost Identifier
Sabah; Ovp N. Borneo Identifier
Sabah with Malaysia Identifier
Sachsen Identifier
Sahara; Ovp Spain Identifier
Sahara Espanol; Ovp Spain Identifier
Sahara Espanol Identifier
Sahara Occidental Identifier
Sahara Occidental Rio De Ore Identifier
Saint-Pierre Et Miquelon; Ovp France Identifier
Saint-Pierre Et Miquelon Identifier
S.A.K. Identifier
Salonicco; Ovp Italy Identifier
Salvador Identifier
Salonique; Ovp Russia Identifier
Samoa; Ovp Germany Identifier
Samoa; Ovp New Zealand Identifier
Samos Identifier
Sandjak D'Alexandrette; Ovp Syria Identifier
Santander Identifier
Sao Tome E Principe Identifier
Saorstat Eireann; Ovp Great Britain Identifier
S.A.R. Identifier
Sarawak with Malaysia Identifier
Sarkari; Ovp Soruth Identifier
Sarre; Ovp Germany Identifier
Saseno; Ovp Italy Identifier
Saurashtra Identifier
Scarpanto; Ovp Italy Identifier
Scudo; Currency Identifier
Scutari Di Albania; Ovp Italy Identifier
S.D.N. Bureau International Du Travail Identifier
Segna Tassa Identifier
Segnatassa Identifier
Sejm Wilnie Identifier
Selangor; Ovp Straits Settlements Identifier
Selangor Identifier
Selangor with Malaysia Identifier
Selangor exhibition Dai Nippon 2602 Malaya; Ovp Straits Settlements Identifier
Sen; Currency Identifier
Sen; Currency Identifier
Senegambie Et Niger Identifier
Serbien; Ovp Austria Identifier
Serbien; Ovp Bosnia Identifier
Serbien; Yugoslavia Identifier
Servicio Bolivariano De Transportes Aeroes Identifier
Servico Postal Identifier
Sevilla-Barcelona Identifier
SH Identifier
Shanghai L. P. O. Identifier
Shanghai Municipality Identifier
Shqipenia Identifier
Shqipenie Identifier
Shqiperia Identifier
Shqiperija Identifier
Shqiperise Identifier
Shqipni Identifier
Shqipnija Identifier
Shqiponies Identifier
S.H.S.; Ovp Bosnia and Herzegovina Identifier
SHS Identifier
SHS Hrvatska; Ovp Hungary Identifier
SHS Hrvatska Identifier
Siam Identifier
Siege De Ligue Arabe Identifier
Silb. Grosch; Currency Identifier
Simi; Ovp Italy Identifier
Singapore Malaya Identifier
Sirmoor State Identifier
Skilling; Currency Identifier
Skilling; Currency Identifier
Sld; Currency Identifier
Slovenska Posta Identifier
Slovenskeno; Ovp Czechoslovakia Identifier
Slovensko Identifier
Slovensky Stat ; Ovp Czechoslovakia Identifier
S. Marino Identifier
Smirne; Ovp Italy Identifier
Smyrn; Ovp Russian offices in the Turkish Empire Identifier
Smyrne; Ovp Russian offices in the Turkish Empire Identifier
Sn; Currency Identifier
Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Identifier
Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma Identifier
Sociedad Colombo-Alemana De Transportes Aereos Identifier
Sociedade De Geographia De Lisboa Identifier
Sociedade Portugueza Da Cruz Vermelha Identifier
Societes Des Nations Identifier
Sol; Currency Identifier
Solidarite Francaise Identifier
Soldi; Currency Identifier
Somalia Identifier
Somalia Italiana; Ovp Italy Identifier
Somalia Italiana Identifier
Sonora Identifier
Soruth Identifier
Soudan; ovp Egypt Identifier
Soudan; Ovp French Colonies Identifier
Soudan Francais; Ovp Upper Senegal Identifier
Sourashtra Identifier
South Arabia; Ovp Kathiri State of Seiyum Identifier
South Arabia; Ovp Quaiti State of Hadhramaut Identifier
South Georgia and South Sandwish Is Identifier
South West Africa; Ovp Union of South Africa Identifier
South West Africa; Ovp South Africa Identifier
Sowjetische Besatzungs Zone; Ovp Germany Identifier
Spanish Western Sahara Identifier
SPM; Ovp France Identifier
S.Q. Trsta-Vuja Identifier
Srodkowa Litwa Identifier
St; Currency Identifier
Stamp Identifier
Stampalia; Ovp Italy Identifier
State of Kuwait Identifier
State of Qatar Identifier
State of Singapore Identifier
State of Travancore-Cochin Identifier
Stati Parm Identifier
Stati Parmensi Identifier
St. Christopher and Nevis Identifier
St. Helena; Ovp Tristan Da Cunha Identifier
S. Thome E Principe Identifier
St. John's NewFoundland Identifier
St. Kitts; Ovp St. Kitts-Nevis Identifier
S. Tome Identifier
S. Tome E Principe Identifier
Stothhkh; Currency Identifier
St-Pierre M-On; Ovp France Identifier
Straits Settlements Malaya Identifier
S.T. Trsta-Vuja Identifier
St. Vincent & Grenadines Identifier
Stt Vuja; Ovp Jugoslavia Identifier
Stt Vuja Identifier
Stt Vujna; Ovp Jugoslavia Identifier
Stt Vujna Identifier
Su; Ovp Straits Settlement Identifier
Suidafrika Identifier
Suid-Afrika Identifier
Suidwes Afrika; Ovp South Africa Identifier
Suidwes Afrika Identifier
S. Ujong Identifier
Sul Bollettino Identifier
Sul Bollettino with Star and Crescent Identifier
Sulla Ricevuta Identifier
Sulla Ricevuta with Star and Crescent Identifier
Sultanat D'Anjouan Identifier
Sultanate of Oman; Ovp Oman Identifier
Sultanate of Oman Identifier
Sungei Ujong; Ovp Straits Settlements Identifier
Suomi Identifier
Suriname Identifier
Sverige Identifier
Enter Keyword Identifier
S.W.A.; Ovp South Africa Identifier
SWA Identifier
Swazieland; Ovp Swaziland Identifier
Swaziland; Ovp South Africa Identifier
Swaziland Identifier
Swaziland Protectorate Identifier
Syrian A. R. Identifier
Syrian Arab Republic Identifier
Syrie Identifier
Syrie Grand Liban; Ovp France Identifier
Syrienne Identifier

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