Foreign Stamp Identifier Keyword Index

Find the keyword on the stamp. Then find it in this keyword index. Click the link to the right of the keyword and the country the stamp is from will be displayed. If you have a stamp keyword that you think should be added to this stamp keyword index, please send your keyword and the country it is from to our e-mail address Thank you for your support.



R Keywords Country Link
R Identifier
R; Ovp Colombia Identifier
R with Haper Registered Identifier
R with Monrovia Registered Identifier
R; Currency Identifier
Rajasthan; Ovp Jaipur Identifier
Rajpeepla Identifier
Rappen; Currency Identifier
Rarotonga; Ovp New Zealand Identifier
Rarotonga Identifier
Rayon Identifier
R. Commissariato; Ovp Jugoslavia Identifier
Recargo Identifier
Recember Identifier
Regatul Romaniei; Ovp Hungary Identifier
Regence De Tunis Identifier
Regence De Tvnis Identifier
Regie Poste Italiane Identifier
Regno D'Italia Identifier
Regno D'Italia; Ovp Fiume Identifier
Regno D'Italia Trentino; Ovp Italy Identifier
Regno D'Italia Venezia Giulia Identifier
Reich Identifier
Reichspost Identifier
Reis; Currency Identifier
Rep. Dem. Pop. Lao Identifier
Rep. Di S. Marino Identifier
Repoblika Demokratika Malagasy Identifier
Repoblika Malagasy Identifier
Repoblikan'i Madagasikara Identifier
Rep. S. Marino Identifier
Repubblica Di San Marino Identifier
Repubblica Italiana Identifier
Repubblica Sociale Italiana Identifier
Repubblika Malta Identifier
Repub Di S. Marino Identifier
Repub Franc Identifier
Repub Franc Identifier
Republica; Ovp Mozambique Company Identifier
Republica Cabo Verde; Ovp Macao Identifier
Republica Cabo Verde; Ovp Portuguese Africa Identifier
Republica Cabo Verde; Ovp Timor Identifier
Republica Congo; Ovp Angola Identifier
Republica Congo; Ovp Macao Identifier
Republica Congo; Ovp Portuguese Africa Identifier
Republica Congo; Ovp Timor Identifier
Republica Da Guine-Bissau Identifier
Republica De Cabo Verde Identifier
Republica De Costa Rica Identifier
Republica De Cuba Identifier
Republica De Guatemala Identifier
Republica De Honduras Identifier
Republica De La N Granada Identifier
Republica Del Salvador Identifier
Republica De Panama; Ovp Columbia Identifier
Republica De Panama Identifier
Republica Del Paraguay Identifier
Republica De Venezuela Identifier
Republica Dominicana Identifier
Republica Espanola Identifier
Republica Kionga; Ovp Portugal Identifier
Republica Lourenco Marques; Ovp Macao Identifier
Republica Lourenco Marques; Ovp Portuguese Africa Identifier
Republica Mocambique; Ovp Macao Identifier
Republica Mocambique; Ovp Portuguese Africa Identifier
Republica Mocambique; Ovp Timor Identifier
Republica O. Del Uruguay Identifier
Republica Oriental Identifier
Republica Oriental Del Uruguay Identifier
Republica Peruana Identifier
Republica Populara Romana Identifier
Republica Populara Romina Identifier
Republica Portuguesa Identifier
Republica Quelimane; Ovp Portuguese Colonies of Macao Identifier
Repubica Quelimane; Ovp Portuguese Africa Identifier
Republica Quelimane; Ovp Timor Identifier
Republica Taxa De Guerra Identifier
Republica Tete; Ovp Portuguese Colony Identifier
Republic Liberia Identifier
Republic of Botswana; Ovp Bechuanaland Protectorate Identifier
Republic of China Identifier
Republic of China Postage Identifier
Republic of India Identifier
Republic of Iraq Identifier
Republic of Kenya Identifier
Republic of Korea Identifier
Republic of Malawi Identifier
Republic of Maldives Identifier
Republic of South Africa Identifier
Republiek Stellaland Identifier
Republiek Van Suid-Afrika Identifier
Republika Bosna I Hercegovina Identifier
Republika Bulgaria Identifier
Republika Hrvatska Identifier
Republika Popullore E Shqiperise Identifier
Republika Popullore Socialiste E Shqiperise Identifier
Republika NG Pilipinas Identifier
Republik Indonesia Identifier
Republik Osterreich Identifier
Republique Algerinne Identifier
Republique Autonome Du Togo Identifier
Republique Centrafricaine Identifier
Republique d'Azerbaijan Identifier
Republique De Cote D'Ivoire Identifier
Republique De Djibouti Identifier
Republique De Guinee; Ovp French West Africa Identifier
Republique De Guinee Identifier
Republique De Haute-Volta Identifier
Republique Democratique Du Congo Identifier
Republique Democratique Populaire Lao Identifier
Republique D'Haiti Identifier
Republique Du Benin Identifier
Republique Du Burundi Identifier
Republique Du Congo Identifier
Republique Du Dahomey Identifier
Republique Du Mali; Ovp Federation of Mali Identifier
Republique Du Mali Identifier
Republique Du Niger Identifier
Republique Du Senegal Identifier
Republique Du Tchad Identifier
Republique Du Togo Identifier
Republique Du Zaire Identifier
Republique Francaise Identifier
Republique Francaise Identifier
Republique Federale Islamique Des Comores Identifier
Republique Gabonnaise Identifier
Republique Georgienne Identifier
Republique Islamique De Mauritanie Identifier
Republique Khmere Identifier
Republique Libanaise; Ovp Lebanon Identifier
Republique Libanaise Identifier
Republique Malgache Identifier
Republique Populaire Du Benin Identifier
Republique Populaire Du Congo Identifier
Republique Populaire Du Kampuchea Identifier
Republique Rwandaise Identifier
Republique Syrienne Identifier
Republique Togolaise Identifier
Republique Tunisienne Identifier
Repvbblica Di S. Marino Identifier
Repvblica Portvgvesa with Congo Identifier
Repvbliqve Francaise Identifier
Retymnd Identifier
Reunion; Ovp French Colony Identifier
R.F. Identifier
R.F. Identifier
Rheinland-Pfalz Identifier
Rhodesia; Ovp British South Africa Company Identifier
R.H. Official; Ovp Great Britain Identifier
Rial; Currency Identifier
Rials; Currency Identifier
Rialtar Sealdac Na Heireann; Ovp Great Britain Identifier
Riau; Ovp Indonesia Identifier
Ricevuta Postale Identifier
R.I. Iran Identifier
Rin; Currency Identifier
RIS; Ovp Netherlands Indies Identifier
Rizeh; Ovp Russia Identifier
Rl Plata F.; Currency Identifier
Rl Plata F.; Currency Identifier
Rn; Currency Identifier
Robertsport Identifier
R. O. Del Uruguay Identifier
Rodi; Ovp Italy Identifier
Rodi Identifier
Rohania Identifier
Romagna Identifier
Romana Identifier
Romania Identifier
Roman States Identifier
Romina Identifier
Ross Dependency Identifier
Roumelie Orientale Identifier
Royame Arabie Saoudite Identifier
Royaume De L'Arabie Saoudite Identifier
Royaume De Yemen Identifier
Royaume Du Burundi Identifier
Royaume Du Cambodge Identifier
Royaume Du Laos Identifier
Royaume Du Maroc Identifier
Rp; Currency Identifier
Rp; Currency Identifier
R.P. E Shqiperise Identifier
R.P. Kampuchea Identifier
R Poste Italiane Identifier
R. P. Romina Identifier
R P S E Shqiperise Identifier
R.R. Poste Coloniali Italiane Identifier
RSA Identifier
R.S.M. Identifier
RSMarino Identifier
Ruanda Urundi; Ovp Belgian Congo Identifier
Ruffifch-Polen Identifier
Rumanien Identifier
Russisch-Polen Identifier
Ru3uusuu Identifier
Ryukyus Identifier

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