Foreign Stamp Identifier Keyword Index

Find the keyword on the stamp. Then find it in this keyword index. Click the link to the right of the keyword and the country the stamp is from will be displayed. If you have a stamp keyword that you think should be added to this stamp keyword index, please send your keyword and the country it is from to our e-mail address Thank you for your support.



B Keywords Country Link
B in an Oval on stamp with no country name Identifier
B; Ovp Straits Settlements Identifier
B 26 V 1921-1922; Ovp Far Eastern Republic Identifier
Babuan Colony Identifier
Baden Identifier
B. A. Eritrea Identifier
Baghdad; Ovp Turkey Identifier
Baha 1943; Ovp Philippines Identifier
Bahawalpur Identifier
Bahrain; Ovp India Identifier
Baht; Currency Identifier
Bailiwick of Guernsey Identifier
Bajar Porto Identifier
Bamra Identifier
Banat Bacska 1919 Identifier
Bani; Ovp Austrian Identifier
Bani; Ovp Hungary Identifier
Baranya; Ovp Hungary Identifier
Barbuda; Ovp Leeward Islands Identifier
Barcelona Identifier
Barwani Identifier
B. A. Somalia Identifier
Basutoland Identifier
Bataan Identifier
B.A. Tripolitania Identifier
Batym. Ob; Ovp Russia Identifier
Batymckar Noyta Identifier
Bayer Identifier
Bayern Identifier
B. C. A.; Ovp British South Africa Company Identifier
B. C. M. Identifier
B.C.O.F.-Japan 1946; Ovp Australia Identifier
B. DPTO Zelaya Identifier
Bechuanaland; Ovp South Africa Identifier
Bechuanaland Protectorate; Ovp Great Britain Identifier
Bechuanaland Protectorate; Ovp Cape of Good Hope Identifier
Behaehckar Identifier
Belgian East Africa Identifier
Belgie Identifier
Belgien; Ovp German Identifier
Belgique Identifier
Belgisch Congo Identifier
Belize; Ovp British Honduras Identifier
Benadir Identifier
Bengasi; Ovp Italy Identifier
Benin; Ovp French Colony Identifier
Bequia; Ovp St. Vincent Grenadines Identifier
Bequia Grenadines of St. Vincent Identifier
Bergedorf Identifier
Berlin; Ovp Germany Identifier
Beyrouth: Ovp Russia Identifier
Bezit Identifier
Bhopal State Identifier
Bhor Identifier
Bijawar Identifier
B.I.O.T.; Ovp Scychelles Identifier
B.M.A. Eritrea; Ovp Great Britain Identifier
B.M.A. Malaya; Ovp Straits Settlement Identifier
B.M.A. Somalia; Ovp Great Britain Identifier
BMA Tripolitania; Ovp Great Britian Identifier
B.N.F. Castellorizo; Ovp French Offices in Turkey Identifier
Board of Education; Ovp Great Britain Identifier
Boctoyhar Koppecnohaehuir Identifier
Boftgebiet; Ovp Germany Identifier
Bogaches; Currency Identifier
Bogchah; Currency Identifier
Bogota Identifier
Bohmen Und Mahren Identifier
Bohoeite Ton Identifier
Bolivar Identifier
Bolletta Pacchi Identifier
Bollodella Disicillia Identifier
Bollo Della Napoletana Identifier
Bollo Postale Identifier
Bollo Straordinario Per Le Poste Identifier
Bophuthatswana Identifier
Bosna I Hercegovina Identifier
Bosnien Herzegovina Identifier
Bosnien Herzegowina Identifier
Boyaca Identifier
Brasil Identifier
Braunschweig Identifier
Bremen Identifier
Briefpost Identifier
British Bechuanaland; Ovp Great Britain Identifier
British Bechuanaland; Ovp Cape of Good Hope Identifier
British Bechuanaland Identifier
British Columbia Postage Identifier
British Consular Mail Identifier
British East Africa; Ovp British East Africa Company Identifier
British East Africa; Ovp India Identifier
British East Africa; Ovp Zanzibar Identifier
British East Africa Company Identifier
British New Guinea Identifier
British North Borneo Identifier
British Occupation; Ovp Batum Identifier
British Occupation; Ovp Russia Identifier
British So. Africa Company Identifier
British Solomen Islands Identifier
British Solomon Islands Protectorate Identifier
British Vice Consulate Identifier
Brussel Identifier
Bruxelles Identifier
BR. Virgin Islands Identifier
Buchanan Identifier
Buden Identifier
Buiten Identifier
Bulgarie Identifier
Bundi State Identifier
Burma; Ovp India Identifier
Bushire Under British Occupation; Ovp Iran Identifier
Bushire Under British Occupation; Ovp Persia Identifier
Bussahir State Identifier
Buu Chinh Identifier

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