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Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
56 Palace Sana Mint $2.25 YM43
58 Mocha Coffee Mint $3.50 YM1
97 Refugees Pointing to Map of Palestine Mint $1.75 YM3
116 Statue of Emperor Dhamar Ali Mint $1.00 YM65
N/A Apollo 12 Used $0.20 YM4
N/A 19th November Moon Landing Used $0.20 YM5
N/A Conquest of Mars Used $0.20 YM6
N/A 20th Olympic Games, Sailing Used $0.20 YM7
N/A 20th Olympic Games, Sailing Used $0.20 YM8
N/A 20th Olympic Games, Sailing Used $0.20 YM9
N/A 20th Olympic Games, Sailing Used $0.20 YM10
N/A Young Man Painting by A. Durer Used $0.20 YM11
N/A Count Philippe Painting by B. Grien Used $0.20 YM12
N/A 16th Century Shadhliya Mosque, Mokha Used $0.20 YM14
N/A Rev. Martin Luther King Used $1.00 YM15
N/A Gold Medal Winners Used $0.20 YM16
N/A Skating, Grenoble 1968 Used $0.20 YM17
N/A Gold Medal Winners Mint $0.20 YM18
N/A Speed Skating, Brenoble 1968 Used $0.20 YM19
N/A Flowers Mint $0.20 YM22
N/A Butterfly or Moth Used $0.20 YM50
N/A Butterfly or Moth, Air Mail Used $0.20 YM53
N/A Mexico 1968 Olympic Fencing, Air Mail Used $0.20 YM56
N/A Gronse Shooting, Air Mail Used $0.20 YM57
N/A Rubens: Isabel Brandt Used $0.20 YM61

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