Virgin Islands
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Virgin Islands
Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
88 Peace Issue Mint $0.20 VG38
89 Peace Issue Mint $0.20 VG39
115 Map of Tortola Mint $0.35 VG29
116 Virgin Islands Sloop Mint $1.50 VG40
117 Nelthrop Red Pool Bull Mint $0.30 VG41
118 Road Harbor Mint $0.30 VG42
289 Queen Angelfish Used $0.45 VG11
299 Queen Parrotfish Used $6.00 VG15
324 Queen Visiting Agricultural Station, Tortola Used $0.20 VG16
325 Holy Bible Used $0.30 VG17
394a 400th Anniversary of Circumnavigation of the World Souvenir Sheet of 4 Mint $3.75 VG27

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