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Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
402 Theodore Roosevelt Mint $2.25 PA91
403 First Excavation of Panama Canal Mint $3.00 PA92
434 Soccer Mint $0.20 PA4
465 William Shakespeare Used $0.75 PA78
465B Richard Wagner, Airmail Used $1.75 PA80
594 Torrijos with Children, Ship and Flag Used $0.20 PA43
595 75 Coat of Arms Used $0.20 PA44
601 Postal Headquarters, Balboa, Inauguration Used $0.20 PA45
602 Return of Canal Zone to Panama, Oct 1, 1979 Used $0.20 PA46
604 Panamanian Tourist and Convention Center Opening Used $0.20 PA47
616 78th Anniversary of Independence Soldiers Institute Used $0.20 PA49
678 50 Cent Coins, 1904 Used $0.50 PA51
C122 Gen. Jose de San Martin, Death Cent. Overprinted 5 Mint $0.65 PA104
C123 Gen. Jose de San Martin Death Cent. Overprinted 10 Mint $0.65 PA105
C124 Gen. Jose de San Martin Death Cent. Overprinted 25 Mint $1.00 PA106
C125 Gen Jose de San Martin Death Cent. Overprinted 50 Mint $2.00 PA107
C131 Queen Isabella I and Arms 4 Mint $0.45 PA108
C132 Queen Isabella I and Arms 5 Mint $0.45 PA109
C133 Queen Isabella I and Arms 10 Mint $0.65 PA110
C134 Queen Isabella I and Arms 25 Mint $1.75 PA111
C135 Queen Isabella I and Arms 50 Mint $2.50 PA112
C136 Queen Isabella I and Arms 1 Mint $7.50 PA113
C150 Rotary Emblem and Map 6 Mint $0.25 PA117
C152 Rotary Emblem and Map 1 Mint $5.50 PA119
C152a Rotary Emblem and Map 1 Mint $6.75 PA120
C178 Statue of Bolivar Mint $1.10 PA141
C179 Bolivar Hall Mint $2.00 PA142
C180 Simon Bolivar Mint $5.00 PA143
C183 Monument Mint $0.25 PA144
C184 St. Thomas Hospital Mint $0.45 PA145
C185 Highway Construction Mint $0.25 PA146
C187 Map of Americas Showing Pan American Highway Mint $2.75 PA148
C202a 10th Anniv. of UN, Souvenir Sheet of 4 Mint $2.25 PA155
C207 Vatican City, Pavilion Mint $0.25 PA150
C208 United States Pavilion Mint $0.70 PA151
C209 Belgium Pavilion Mint $1.60 PA152
C217 UN Headquarters Building Mint $1.75 PA54
C224 Boxing Mint $0.35 PA156
C225 Baseball Mint $0.70 PA157
C226 Basketball Mint $2.75 PA55
C233 Dr. Octavio Mendez Pereria First Rector of University Mint $1.00 PA57
C234 Basketball Mint $0.20 PA10
C236 Javelin Thrower Mint $0.50 PA11
C265 Catholic Church, Canal Zone Mint $2.25 PA62
C283 FAO and Wheat Emblems Mint $0.20 PA64
C333 Galileo, 400th Birth Anniversary Unused $2.00 PA158
C336 Peace Medal, Alfred Nobel Mint $2.25 PA159
C337 Common Troupial Song Bird Mint $1.40 PA160
C338 Crimson Backed Tanager Song Bird Mint $2.50 PA161
C345 Orchid Flower Used $0.35 PA25
C433 Security Council Reunion, 1973 Used $0.30 PA28

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