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Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
29 Drawing Water from Well Mint $0.20 NR26
30 Drawing Water from Well Mint $0.20 NR27
194 Lions Emblem and Family Mint $0.55 NR59
196 1967 Jamboree Emblem and Scouts Mint $0.40 NR60
197 Scouts Gathering from all Directions Mint $0.60 NR61
198 Campfire Mint $1.10 NR62
352 Statue of Liberty and Washington Crossing the Delaware Mint $0.20 NR67
353 Statue of Liberty and Call to Arms Mint $0.30 NR68
453 Soccer Players and Coach Vihorio Pozzo, Italy, Ovp. Mint $0.25 NR74
454 Soccer Players and Coach Vincente Feda, Spain, Ovp. Mint $0.35 NR75
455 Soccer Players and Coach Aymore Moreira, Portugal, Ovp. Mint $0.50 NR76
456 Soccer Players and Coach Sir Alf Ramsey, England, Ovp. Mint $0.75 NR77
457 Soccer Players and Coach Helmut Schoen, Germany, Ovp. Mint $1.50 NR78
469 Children with Building Blocks, IYC Emblem Mint $0.25 NR79
470 Children Reading Books, IYC Emblem Mint $0.50 NR80
471 Children with Model Plane, IYC Emblem Mint $0.75 NR81
474 Rowland Hill Mail Truck and France No. 8 Used $0.20 NR82
475 Hill and Canoes and Austria No. P4 Used $0.30 NR83
476 Hill and Air Niger and US No. 122 Used $0.40 NR84
477 Hill and Steamlined Mail Train and Canada Type A6 Used $0.55 NR85
478 Hill and Electric Train and Niger No. 51 Souvenir Sheet Used $1.50 NR51
805D Rural Development Council, 30th Anniversary Used $0.50 NR38
809 Catharanthus Roseus Used $0.20 NR17
814 US Congressman Mickey Leland Used $0.30 NR16
942 Motocycles Used $1.25 NR39
953 Prof. Abdou Moumouni Dioffo Used $0.30 NR20
1054b Chalcocoris Anchorago Used $0.20 NR40
N/A Horses, Set of 5 Mint $4.00 NR22
C20 UN Headquarters and Emblem, Niger Flag and Map Mint $0.35 NR90
C21 UN Headquarters and Emblem, Niger Flag and Map Mint $1.25 NR91
C44 John F. Kennedy Mint $1.25 NR92
C49 Pope John XXIII Mint $1.00 NR48
C49 Pope John XXIII Mint $1.00 NR93
C51 Sir Winston Churchhill Mint $1.00 NR49
C100 Bonaparte as First Consul. by Ingres Mint $1.50 NR94
C101 Napoleon Visiting the Plaque House in Jaffa by Antoine Jean Gros Mint $2.00 NR95
C102 Napoleon on the Imperial Throne, by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres Mint $3.00 NR96
C255 Cinnyricinclus Ieucogaster Bird Used $1.00 NR21
C269 Statue of Liberty and Joseph Warren, Martyr at Bunker Hill Used $0.30 NR52
C270 Statue of Liberty and John Paul Jones on the Bridge of the Bonhomme Richard Used $0.60 NR53
J22 Cross of Agadez Mint $0.20 NR41
J24 Cross of Agadez Mint $0.20 NR43

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