New Zealand
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New Zealand, Ross Dependency(L)
Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
AR48 Coat of Arms Used $5.25 NZ195
B10 Anzac 21st Anniv. Used $1.60 NZ415
B14 Children at Play Used $5.00 NZ416
B15 Children at Play Mint $5.00 NZ277
B25 Princesses Margaret Rose and Elizabeth Used $0.45 NZ280
B26 Peter Pan Statue, London Mint $0.20 NZ12
B26 Peter Pan Statue, London Used $0.20 NZ281
B27 Peter Pan Statue, London Mint $0.20 NZ13
B27 Peter Pan Statue, London Used $0.20 NZ282
B29 Soldier Helping Child Over Stile Used $0.20 NZ100
B30 Statue of Eros, London Used $0.20 NZ284
B32 Children Health Camp Mint $0.20 NZ101
B32 Childrens Health Camp Used $0.20 NZ285
B33 Childrens Health Camp Mint $0.20 NZ226
B34 Nurse and Child Used $0.20 NZ417
B35 Nurse and Child Used $0.20 NZ418
B36 Princess Elizabeth and Prince Charles Used $1.10 NZ419
B39 Racing Yachts Used $0.20 NZ420
B40 Princess Anne Mint $0.20 NZ227
B41 Prince Charles Mint $0.20 NZ228
B42 Girl Guides Marching Used $0.20 NZ421
B43 Boy Scouts at Camp Used $0.45 NZ422
B48 Childs Head Mint $0.20 NZ231
B66 Prince Andrew Used $0.20 NZ428
B71a Bellbird and Bough of Kowhai Tree, Mini-sheet of 6 Mint $12.50 NZ124
B72 Flightless Rail and Fern Used $0.85 NZ429
B72a Flightless Rail (Weka) and Fern, Mini-sheet of 6 Mint $12.50 NZ125
B82 - B84 Various Children Acitivities Mint $2.00 NZ5
O43 King George V, Official Used $1.00 NZ197
O47 King George V Official Stamp Used $1.50 NZ458
O72 King George VI Official Stamp Used $1.75 NZ460
O73 King George VI, Official Used $0.30 NZ103
OY2 Lighthouse Life Insurance Stamp Used $2.00 NZ463
OY3 Lighthouse Life Insurance Stamp Used $4.25 NZ464
L9 Skua Bird Unused $0.80 NZ465
L10 Hercules Plane Unloading at William Field Unused $0.20 NZ466
L11 Shackletons Hut, Cape Royds Mint $0.20 NZ467
L12 Naval Supply Ship Endeavour Unloading Unused $0.20 NZ468
L13 Scott Base Mint $0.60 NZ469
L14 Tabular Ice Floe Unused $1.40 NZ470

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