New Hebrides French
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New Hebrides French
Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
22 Native Idols Used $1.75 NHF3
23 Native Idols Used $1.75 NHF4
99 Port Vila and Iririki Islet Mint $0.35 NHF15
103 Tropical River and Spear Fisherman Mint $0.80 NHF19
115 Map of New Hebrides, Tuna, Marlin and Ships Mint $2.00 NHF26
126 ICY Emblem Mint $1.75 NHF6
127 ICY Emblem Mint $3.50 NHF7
132 World Cup Soccer Mint $1.25 NHF8
133 World Cup Soccer Mint $1.25 NHF1
158 Charles de Gaulle Mint $1.50 NHF10
159 Charles de Gaulle Mint $2.50 NHF11
161 Virgin and Child by Giovanni Bellini Mint $0.35 NHF21
162 Virgin and Child by Giovanni Cima Mint $0.75 NHF22
189 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Mint $0.75 NHF13

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