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Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
25 Quetzal Bird Unused $2.75 GL55
317 Jose Baties y Montufar Used $0.20 GL8
425 Francisco Ximemez Used $0.20 GL17
478 Pope, Saint and Church Used $0.50 GL21
479 Saint, Painting of Nativity, and Bell Used $0.50 GL20
C253 Pedro de Bethancourt with Sick Man Overprinted Used $0.30 GL24
C266 Hands Holding Cogwheel and Map of Guatemala Overprinted Mint $5.50 GL56
C270 Woman Carrying Fruit Basket Used $0.20 GL25
C345 Mario Mendez Montenegro Used $0.20 GL29
C360 City Hall, Guatemala, Overprinted Mint $1.60 GL57
C612 Engineers at Work Unused $0.30 GL34
C629 Mother and Children Used $0.25 GL36
C690 Guard Headquarters, Presidential Used $0.25 GL42
C715 The Creation of the World Used $0.20 GL43
C805 Volunteer Fire Department Rescue Used $0.25 GL46
C847A Odontoglossum Laeve Orchid Used $4.75 GL47
C855 Macaws Used $0.85 GL49
C864 Jose Eulalio Samayoa Used $0.25 GL50
RA2 G.P.O. and Telegraph Building Used $0.25 GL51
RA22 Arch of Communications Building Used $0.25 GL54

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