Gilbert and Ellice Islands
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Gilbert and Ellice Islands
Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
38 Coronation Issue Unused $0.25 GEI29
39 Coronation Issue Mint $0.45 GEI30
67 Coconut Trees Used $0.90 GEI19
79 Plane and Fiji Ellice Gilbert Route Mint $0.75 GEI31
80 Eastern Reef Heron in Flight Mint $0.95 GEI32
81 Plane and Tarawa Sailboat Mint $1.50 GEI33
104 International Cooperation Year Issue Mint $0.20 GEI14
170 Island Child with Halo on Pandanus Mat Mint $0.20 GEI25
171 Sanctuary of New Tarawa Cathedral Mint $0.20 GEI26
172 Three Gilbertese within Star of Bethlehem and Ellice Islands Mint $0.45 GEI27
207 Silver Wedding Anniversary 25th Mint $0.40 GEI8
MR1 King George V Overprinted Mint $0.70 GEI37

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