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Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
124 Timber Raft on Ogowe River Mint $0.20 GF1
150 C.C.T.A. Issue Mint $0.85 GF12
154 Combretum Flowers Mint $0.20 GF2
155 Tulip Trees Mint $0.20 GF10
156 Yellow Cassia Flowers Mint $0.30 GF3
157 Yellow Cassia Flowers Mint $0.45 GF4
161 President Leon Mba 20 Mint $0.40 GF13
180 Morse Telegraph Mint $0.55 GF15
211 Carnival Masks Mint $0.70 GF16
B4 Republic Anit-Malaria Issue Mint $0.90 GF17
C4 Lyre Tailed Honey Guide Used $1.00 GF26
C6 Long Jump, Abidjan Games Issue Mint $2.50 GF27
C18 1963 Air Afrique Issue Mint $1.40 GF18
C21 Globe and Emblems of Industry and Agriculture Mint $1.25 GF19
C36 Maps of Europe and Africa Mint $1.40 GF28
C40 Pope John XXIII and St. Peters Mint $1.00 GF29
C51 De Havilland Heron Plane Used $1.50 GF30
C56 Jamboree Emblem and Symbols of Orientation Mint $1.50 GF5
C60 UN Emblem, Sword, Book and People Used $0.50 GF31
C62 Aucoumea Klaineana Used $1.75 GF32
C92 Icarus and Sun Used $0.35 GF36
C194 Beethoven Piano and Score Mint $3.25 GF14
J34 Pineapple Mint $0.20 GF6
J35 Mangoes Mint $0.20 GF7
J36 Avocados Mint $0.20 GF8
J37 Tangerines Mint $0.20 GF9
J37a Avocados and Tangerines Mint $0.40 GF11
J38 Coconuts Mint $0.20 GF20
J39 Grapefruit Mint $0.20 GF21

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