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Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
CO3 Camels and Shiek Hamad Mint $1.60 FA59
C04 Hawks and Shiek Hamad Mint $3.00 FA60
O2 Arabian Oryx and Shiek Hamad Mint $0.20 FA62
O4 Wild Ass and Shiek Hamad Mint $0.35 FA64
N/A Expo 70 Mint $0.20 FA26
N/A Rocket on Launching Pad Used $0.20 FA27
N/A Space Craft Orbiting Earth Used $0.20 FA28
N/A The Love Letter Painting Used $0.20 FA29
N/A Stamp Capsules Used $0.20 FA33
N/A Tragelaphus Spekll Deer Used $0.20 FA34
N/A Melursus Ursinus Bear Used $0.20 FA35
N/A Horse and Rider Used $0.20 FA36

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